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婚禮百科 APK

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Title: 婚禮百科
Author: Marryfun 美丽婚
Latest Version: 2.3 and up
Last Update: July 28, 2015

Download 婚禮百科 APK from Marryfun 美丽婚 last update July 28, 2015 and Developer Visit website Email info[@]

婚禮百科 結婚乃人生大事,固然可喜可賀!但結婚的儀式不斷改變,無經驗的新人要面對傳統的習俗儀式又要兼顧西式婚宴、註冊等等… 該如何入手?

"婚禮百科" 一站式婚禮統籌app,助準新人在籌備婚禮時更加順利!

由倒數日程、BIG DAY 當日安排、開支預算等,你的手機都可以為你通通辦妥。"婚禮百科" 集合各種功能,讓你計劃婚禮的過程少點煩惱,多點歡樂。

"婚禮百科" 功能包括:

- 倒數日程
- BIG DAY 當日分工安排
- 開支預算
- 購物清單
- 兄弟姐妹聯絡表
- 知識庫
- ** 導出 EXCEL

BIG DAY 前在 "婚禮百科" 一個按鍵,所有計劃馬上以 excel 格式輸出,並電郵至所需收件人 (如兄弟姐妹等)。


運用得宜,"婚禮百科" 往往能幫你省下數萬元不必要開支。


"婚禮百科" 由 海味軒 及 Palapple 共同開發。

海味軒 | 香港燕窩海味網上專門店
電話:+852 3158 1276

Palapple (Hong Kong) Limited
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Website :
Phone : +852 3583 0762
Email : info[@] Marriage is a big deal, of course, gratifying! But changing the marriage ceremony, inexperienced newcomers to face traditional customs Western wedding ceremonies also take into account, registration and so on ... how to start?

"Wedding Encyclopedia" one-stop wedding planning app, to help couples more smoothly in preparation for the wedding!

By the reciprocal of the schedule, BIG DAY day schedule, spending budget, you think you can phone all completed. "Wedding Encyclopedia," a collection of feature that lets you plan the wedding process less worry, more happiness.

"Wedding Encyclopedia" features include:

- Countdown Calendar
- BIG DAY division of work day
- Expenditure
- Shopping list
- Brothers and sisters Contact form
- Knowledge Base
- ** Export EXCEL

BIG DAY before the "wedding Encyclopedia," a button, all the plans immediately to excel formats, and e-mail to the desired recipient (such as siblings, etc.).

Knowledge is part encyclopedia, incorporating marry for all kinds of tips. For example 悭钱 eighteen style, the banquet will ask set off, the Declaration example of love, the bride games.

Used properly, "wedding Encyclopedia" often help you save tens of thousands of unnecessary expenses.


"Wedding Encyclopedia" was jointly developed by seafood Hin and Palapple.

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Palapple (Hong Kong) Limited
We do mobile apps, enterprise solutions and online marketing.
Phone: +852 3583 0762
Email: info[@]

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